The Stupendous Staff


Jenny Wang

Jenny is hoping to pass her final two semesters and be done with school. She calls herself a “writer,” and identifies with this title the most seriously and romantically when she is not writing. She also senses no irony when she tells people that she will pursue the “writer’s lifestyle” part-time after graduation. You will find her most often attempting to blend in with the engineers on North Campus, though sometimes she will sullenly migrate south for an advising appointment that she missed and subsequently rescheduled four times.

Christopher Ransburg 

Chris is a senior double majoring English and Psychology, and double minoring in Women Studies and Entrepreneurship. Yes, he is very busy. He loves expressing his sexuality and fashion, and hopes to one day be the Editor-in-Chief of his own fashion magazine. Despite the many sideways glances and smirks, he makes it a point to be different because fitting in is overrated. He likes to think he’s older than he really is, but is quick to call mom when things get too overwhelming — no shame whatsoever! He may seem like he has it all together on the outside, but on the inside he’s either crying because graduation is too close for comfort, or because he hasn’t had his daily vanilla caramel latte from Espresso.

Editorial Staff

Sarrah Hakim, Communications Manager

Sarrah is a sophomore majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Arabic and environment. When she’s not writing poetry or brainstorming ideas for a novel, she enjoys settling down with a cup of tea and reading Calvin and Hobbes. She also likes skiing, swimming, and making superhero-themed snowflakes (which are usually born from not wanting to do homework). Her favorite animal is the beluga whale.

Danielle Colburn, Blog Editor

Danielle is a sophomore majoring in English. She loves reading, but this somehow doesn’t always apply when the reading is mandatory for class. She loves Spoken Word poetry and is happy to listen to it for hours on end. When she’s not doing homework (wait, that happens?) or trying to write poetry, she enjoys obsessing over pictures of puppies, watching Friends on Netflix, and eating extra toasty Cheez-Its.

Giuliana Eggleston, Layout Editor

Giuliana is a sophomore, unsure of her major, though right now her money’s on English. She loves reading and writing short stories, and has read an embarrassing amount of YA paranormal fiction. She is addicted to coffee, and when deprived of it becomes a monster akin to Charybdis and Scylla. In her spare time she enjoys watching Spanish soap operas and pretending she’s a witch, both things she should probably keep to herself.

Sarah Dougherty, Copy Editor

Sarah is a Junior studying English and Linguistic Anthropology. She’s currently far too into a Joyce class, and at the end of the semester, she’s going to wander around Ann Arbor with some classmates and read all 265,000 words of Ulysses aloud. She’s partial to paprika-sprinkled mac & cheese, loves figure study, and watches other people play video games far more often than she plays them herself. Her favorite genre of anything is “meta.”

Mia Licciardi

Mia is a Junior majoring in English and minoring in digital studies and business. Though she appreciates almost all literature, she favors reading and writing YA, and is always ready to elaborate on its merits. When she is not doing academic or English-y things, Mia spends time horseback riding for the Michigan Equestrian Team, binge-watching television, and talking incessantly about cats

Michelle Hoban

Michelle is a junior majoring in English with a minor in Scandinavian Studies. She loves to read and sometimes even does it for fun, but she also enjoys watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and eating breakfast foods (sometimes at the same time). She also once spent half an hour lost in the stacks in Hatcher while trying to walk to the eighth floor to see some old James Joyce books, and she spends much of her life in a similarly disoriented state.

Natalie Steers

Natalie is a sophomore studying English and Creative Writing. And yes, she’s very interested to see how her future (un)employment opportunities turn out. When she’s not studying literature she enjoys watching bad Netflix shows obsessively, drinking hot chocolate, and (not surprisingly) reading for fun!

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