In the beginning there was the word, and then shortly thereafter, there was Fortnight. Fortnight was declared “really good” by the University of Michigan, while most other things were merely seen as “good.” And on the seventh day, when the University of Michigan was resting (from a lot of partying, exams, and football games), Fortnight was working late to publish the best poetry, prose, and art that the University has to offer.

Seriously, we usually do this on a Sunday. We’re committed.

Fortnight is a student-run literary magazine from the University of Michigan that publishes student work. We take submissions of prose, poetry, art, and anything else we deem interesting. We accept submissions year round at our email address: fortnight-sub@umich.edu Our staff meetings take place every Sunday at 5P.M. on the 4th floor of the Michigan Union by the red couches.

You can find our published work on a rack in Angell Hall, near the Posting Wall, or on the 1st floor of Shapiro Library. There should be a cool sign with a moon on it.


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