Routines and Writing

Hey, everyone! Finals is over for most of us Michigan students (except for those who still have projects or papers), and so I can finally get back to some sort of blogging “routine.”

Over the summer, I can more or less say I was almost “mesmerized” into the routine of: work, attend classes, eat, read, and write. Maybe one of the hardest aspects of truly getting into this kind of lifestyle is our status as students. A meeting here, a project there, several exams everywhere. I think almost in our “lack of collections,” we create this sort of erratic identity as “students.”

That said, I really want to push myself into some sort of daily routine, one that includes writing. The hardest part about it, for me, is just sitting down and getting something on the page that doesn’t make my body tense up. I avoid the process of writing until a deadline comes up. As a result of these “bursts of super-endurance,” the quality of my writing suffers, and so does my self-confidence. And then I don’t feel like writing even more.

That has to stop. I need to write on a daily basis.

But just the thought of Nietzsche working late into the night makes me uncomfortable…

I don’t think I’ll be able to–

I’m working on it…

By the way, if you liked this video, make sure to check out more stuff by PBS Idea Channel!


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