2014 Introductions

Hello. We see you’ve stumbled onto our blog. It’s okay, we’re nice people. We just happen to like basements. And writing. And artwork. If you’re into any of these, you’ll fit right in. Come. Join us. Some of the pieces we read might have to do with cookies.

We’re the Fortnight Literary Press, and we publish prose, poetry, artwork, and (hopefully) music for University of Michigan students on campus. If you’ve got a creative bone itching to express itself, send us your work. We’ll add you to our secret “People We Love” list. You can also join us every Sunday at 5 pm in the basement of Elixir Vitae on Maynard. We’ll love you all the more.

This year, Jenny (yours truly) will serve as your weekly blogger. She likes referring to herself in the third person, and she’ll write about writing, art, and upcoming events to keep you up-to-date. For example, we’re about to publish our first issue of the year, so stay on the look-out for that.

So send your creative babies to fortnight-sub@umich.edu. Or join us every Sunday. Or pick up our upcoming issue. You know, whatever makes you happy. You do you.

Jenny Wang


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