A Poem a Day Keeps the Writer’s Block Away

I write poetry. I scribble it on buses, in the middle of class when I should be paying attention, in the middle of the night when I can’t get a line out of my head, and (embarrassingly enough) on that little note function on my cell-phone when no paper is to be found. Poetry, I guess, is my “thing”. But for the past couple of weeks I’ve had the most excruciating, soul-crushing bought of writer’s block and it SUCKS (I can’t even think of a better adjective because of it).

But then, a few days ago, a friend in my poetry workshop told me about a nifty little feature on the Poetry Foundation’s website called Poem of the Day. Now I read at least one poem a day and I can already feel my writer’s block fading away! It’s a beautiful thing, really. Not only does it provide instant inspiration plopped straight into your inbox every day – it also provides that exciting “you’ve got mail!” sensation. Sign up and read (and write) away, fellow word junkies!



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