P. Lester: Hopwood Awards

Hopwood Awards are given out three times a year to students who win contests in either poetry, fiction, nonfiction, novel, or screenplay writing. Avery Hopwood, the namesake of the program, graduated from Michigan and then wrote immensely popular plays in the 1920s. After he died he left some of his estate to the University to award creative writers for their work.

In the past Fortnight has both published winners and had them on staff. This year, Phoebe Young, a staff member from Brooklyn, won her first Hopwood Award this January. Phoebe says of her submission:

The piece I wrote was a creative nonfiction piece about my mom’s side of the family and the women in it, dealing with their identity as women and Native Americans. It incorporates elements of magical realism and some Ojibwe stories into it and also re-creates some of the events of my mother and grandmother’s lives and connects my narrative to their narratives through our hair. I wrote it last year for an English class I took, the assignment was to write a family history and it came out of the book we read, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. 

Phoebe is a freshman. You can find her work in our first issue of the year here.

And, if you’re interested in winning a Hopwood Award yourself, the deadline for the next round of awards is February 11.


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