M. Knapp: Challenge Accepted

Rediscovering inspiration is an interesting process.  It may not be a matter of finding a new inspiring force, but a matter of letting the old inspiring force resurface.  This is currently what I am working on, because I have been given a challenge.  The Hopwood writing contest has a deadline for submissions of February 8th and a page minimum for novel submissions of 100 pages.  This gives me 16 days to get my novel up to 100 pages.  I am currently at 62 pages.  Last semester, with my inspiration, I was able to hit that kind of speed in 1-2 day bursts.  I think last night, after spending some time sitting in a bath (as was necessary to find a way out of the bath scene in my novel), I finally caught on to the sort of writing vigor that I’m going to need for the next two weeks.  I have a challenge before me.

To everyone:  Make challenges for yourself.  Suck it up, and accept them.
Offered challenge:  10-page short story, one weekend.


One thought on “M. Knapp: Challenge Accepted

  1. Hummm Mark,

    I’ll accept your challenge. Except, I’ll raise the bet to the Hopwood Poetry Contest. Ok, I’ve got lots of writing to do now.

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