A. Fang: Tanned

Her clean-shaven legs elegantly crossed.
Her fingers and toes a sweet ballet pink,
The pretty blond girl with her oiled lips glossed,
In chair, cardigan, skirt, and heels in ink.
She clicked her tongue and gushed, “Look at you!
I am totally in love with your tan;
I got tanned on a beach in my bikini.”
She ruffled her curls. She wanted me to chat.
“Gee, now that’s funny,” I said looking bland.
“Cause I got tanned by laboring in the sunshine.
In Kathmandu, I watched Zenaida die,
I taught the orphans how to read and write.”
They trekked, small fingers grasping mountain tiers,
Deep red stains colored the textbook martyrs.

* Zenaida is a word derived from the Greek: Ζηναις, Zenais, also known as “of Zeus.” In other languages such as French or Russian, Zenaida is written as Zénaïde or Zinaida respectively. It can also refer (as genus Zenaida) to the Zenaida doves, also more commonly known as the white dove, named after Zénaïde Laetitia Julie Bonaparte.


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